Sunday, September 03, 2006

Baby ah,

What a busy sunday we had.

First, we sent bobby and belle to pet movers for he's exam on OT. And both were not feeling well and its my first time cleaning up n brushing the poo away. maybe 5 times within 2 hrs. *lolz* .. Cannot believe it eh.. We were so afraid tt bobby might not do well for he's exams as he is on n off sick. like the recent UTI, den he's bruises and rashes, and now having tummy upset.
But i was surprise, he did well and came in 3rd position in class out of 10 dogs. He had a agreggate of 186/200. Tommy 2nd place which won bobby by 1 point and best is cookie. 196/200. Sad to say there are 3 failures in the class. Astro, Terror and Toby. Actually mummy speculate astro to come in 2nd after cookie. But somehow he is not in he's best today. Toby too improved a lot since lesson 1. And terror, i guess it mst be melissa who is not doing her homework enuff.

After PMDR, we went to Kallang for CCF drive-thru donation co-organised by EuroVanClub. Bought 5 tulips and 4 keychains. lovely cocoon. Saw losta lovely cars there and theres even BMW motorbikes and heard tt harley davidson are on their way too... Turn out was great i suppose. We had lunch at take 5, daddy ordered he's fav. Gong Bao Ji Ting and mummy had her fav. baby kailan. yummy. not much though.. cuz weather sorching hot.

After kallang, mummy wanna bring the 2 rascals to TJV, but either its closed or they are too busy to pick up the fone, thus i went back to office with daddy to rush out our work for tml, as daddy is going for is RT tml. Sigh... I will be all alone for office tml.. i hope auntie cheryl comes in early... kekekke... she is a late late queen. granny didnt drive her car back, she took auntie cheryl's ride... save fuel mah.. nowadays fuel very expensive hor...

OoOoh.. i also bought 4 pee pads and a recomended medication for lao sai by auntie gi at Pet Movers mart. 100 bucks still got change. cuz i doubt i will be returning to Pet Movers any time soon. kekekeke... canx tahan tt stinky place. So in future, i will get auntie gi to top by the pee pad for me. *lolz*

mummy will updates pics on bobby's convocation later ok?

Hugs, and love love

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i mean really oh shit! :( belle is also having diarrhea! what's wrong? we had a switch of food from home-cooked food to kibbles and it has been their usual kibbles and they are all poo-ing all over!

i had a chance today to see how belle reacts to smells... the pee pads had lots of poo scents as well as pee scents... belle couldn't find a nice spot to poo as there were a lot of smelly scents ard the area and finally belle couldn't take it anymore, she just rushed to a clean space and poo... but she's easily frightened by the sound of her poo spurting out of her arse! :P what a comical scene ;P then she jumped to another clean spot and continued... and true enough, she was frightened by her own fart and jumps to yet another clean spot :P

jokes aside, these 2 are beginning to worry me :( i hope they'll be fine in the morning :(

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it seems like yesterday that you left us... it's not until just now your mummy told me that i haven't been blogging in here for 2 mths :( it's not that i forgot to do so but it's just there have been alot of questions and thoughts that i need to organise my thoughts and feelings before i know what to tell you about :(

you must be wondering why i'm still up at this hour :P but it's because your bro bobby is sick and shitting soft poo, and best still he has to go for his test from his obedience training for the past 10 weeks this coming 10:30 :( sigh...

i'm not expecting him to be the best kid but at least he's more tamed and loves us :) he's a great kid who can be very loving at times but he's sinai more :) and he always reminds me of you except for the part where you love to follow my footsteps and he doesn't *sigh*

hope we will see you... and i hope you can guide me in my afterlife :) i really hope to see you :)

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