Sunday, August 27, 2006

Baby ah

What a BZ BZ and yet so REWARDING weekend.!!??!!

Had a eventful and bz weekend.After work on saturday, i rushed bobby down to TJV for a consultation on bobby's bruises. Dr Heng suspected that it is mostly due to over-excerting of strength. And a big bruise on hes right eyelid due to a fight with Belle. Bobby was scolding belle for poo-ing on the floor again. guess that was when they started fighting. What an Alpha! *lolz* And for some sores and stuffs its due to clipper abrasion. cuz maltese has sensitive skin. :p

Anyway after TJV, we speeded down to NADC for a bath for the 2 as well as pet sit for a day. *lolz* Cuz need macrus to apply the medication for my dear bobby. NADC was quite full and no more kennels for boarding. thus they took the suite in the grooming area. *lolz*. cosy and spacious to run. haha. and can check out frankie, andy and uncle at the same time. heard from bobby tt there are a lot of chio chio gals ard. wahahaha.. well belle jus sit at the corner to rot.

After throwing them at NADC, we headed down to silent touch to hv our crash course on sign language. man. it was a joke for me as my fingers are fat and retard. LOL.. but as lesson goes on.. it was quite interested. Robert is doing very well i guess. and what an asshole.. sign language me today. and i replied a SIAO to him. LOL. After the lesson, we helped shem with the wrapping of presents. ;) yummy.. saw lot of my fav. chocolates. rochers and hersheys. damn. we betta win. LOL

we den proceeded to W.R.C to have our dinner @ Jacks place. and Before turning into WRC, dan gave us a friendly horn. we were 2 cars apart. and even wind down window.. "hey where u going". oh.. he is going to visit his mum in the vincity. haha. so qiao. anyway dinner was great. we had a dozen of escargot, a jug of olange juice, grilled steak. yummy. everything was great except for the neighbour diners beside us. a grp was talking abt how rich n fat their bank acc is.. and another grp of guys was chatting abt massage palour nx door. LOL

we rushed back to nadc to pick our babies up. phew. so white and clean. though jus 5 hrs apart, missed them like crazy liao. even played with the alaskan malnute. *pardon me for the sp*.

came home, surf net and slept. as we hv OT 9th lesson today. bobby throw face la. but i think becos he wasnt feeling well again. goldie was doing great, chocolate will be the top and beagle will come in last i think. tommy very manja at the same time, hes looking handsome today too.

got some rawhides from the mart there, as the supply at home is ZERO. they hv been sharing the same drumsticks and its like a ration to them. LOL.

We met sandy, the dog apparel seller @ woodlands. got a couple of clothes for them. wah sey. $99 bucks for (belle : 1 kimono, 1 sala dress and 1 french maid ; bobby: 1 sailor shirt and 1 pet potter t shirt wif a hood). they both look great. canx wait for my weekends to hv them make over.

We had lunch over one of the kopitiam @ woodlands. malay chicken lice. my fav. yummy . and bought some cakes for breakfast tml.

Came back took a quick nap and rushed out my orders for tml as lorbert will be heading down to pacnet to deliver the DVD and Photos.

ok lah. so long liao. time to pen off too..

Love Love

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