Friday, July 28, 2006

Xiaobai ah,

Do u know What is cystitis?
The term "cystitis" literally means inflammation of the urinary bladder. This term is rather general and applies to any disease that inflames the urinary bladder.
Yes and Bobby is suffering from it now. He cannot hold his bladder due to the infection, and once the urge is here he will just release it - anywhere and everywhere. I dun blame him, in fact i feel sad. he will give meme the shy n lookaway. >_< i know he is upset for peeing wrong, but canx help it.

pls pray fer yr brother bobby.

love meme

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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Baby ah,

Mummy and Daddy been busy these few weeks. Bobby's training, rehoming a Spitz, and losta work work work work.... After bobby's training, meme still hv to go back orfit to finish all the work. Bz with work means good thing i guess.

Meme also found some blood stain on the pee pad. i guess it belongs to bobby. I'm not too sure whats wrg with him, but i will monitor him. meme feed him wif ample of fruits and he drink a lot, so i guess it's not the heatiness causing it.

Auntie Cheryl passed her driving after few months of intensive learning at BBDC. She damn ka you lor... Took 4 times den pass. haha.. and She also bought herself a New Fiat Doblo which meme will CHNG until very very nice. We decided to give her a PDA and GPS as a reward cum Birthday present. Guess what. Meme won 4D last sat by buying her Chassis number. Wow.. Though not much, but still happy with it.

Uncle Richard aka Daddy's bro also passed his driving 2 days earlier than Auntie Cheryl. He also pampered himself with a KIA PICANTO (GREEN). At least can bring Baby Ray out more often. These days public transport has been rising and fuel too...

We will be going to Cafe Vic at Carlton this fri to celebrate Baby Riane and Auntie Cheryl's birthday. There will be losta food like beef craving, Oysters etc... Good thing abt it:- 10% off for UOB members. :D

It will also be Our 3Rd year Anniversary this August. Still wondering what shd we do. Maybe we shd just have sukiyaki @ home with the 2 rascals. Do come visit us ok?

Meme met up with a old old friend. She is still her same old self. Arrogant, Broadcaster, Twister etc... In Class, when i said i went to Bangkok for holiday, she will claim oh. i go OZZIE. If not, she will say Oh. Daddy getting a BENZ soon... haha.. but as far as i know, they live by public transport. Whole class shun her because she is jus so irritating. Always twisting facts and broadcasting pple's gossip. Such pple shd be more wary of themselves esp the fingers are pointing back @ them. LOL...

meme will update you with pictures for fri's event ok?

U drink more water ah?

Love Love,


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