Thursday, July 13, 2006


auntie gi once asked me, "so you are not blogging in xiaobai's blog anymore ah?"

my answer is a definite no, i'm blogging still. just tat i sometimes din have the energy to do so :( and i sometimes wish that you could come down and help me manage the 3 rascals brothers and sister of yours :(

things have been busy with work and them... i've registered your brother bobby for obedience class and he seems to be much better these days :) except that the other 2 sometimes influence him to do bad things, like messing up the room :(

sometimes when i do training with the 3 monsters, i often think of you boyboy :( i missed those days when i could walk ard anywhere in the park or in a dog show without a leash attached! you are sure to find your way around by following me closely... sigh... it's all daddy's fault... i should have watched you closely for telltale signs for illnesses :( blame it on your daddy's lousy first-timer experiences :(

i really miss you after going through hell with your brothers and sister :)

remember tipsy? your beloved humping friend? :P sigh... he passed on to the rainbow bridge yesterday morning... i'm sure by now you would have discovered already right? :) don't bully him up there ok? :) remember to guide him well huh :) uncle nelson and auntie jane are quite sad that he's gone. do remember to remind tipsy to watch over them ok? don't get carried away playing all over the big blue sky huh :)

ok lah... i'm getting abit lor-soh liao :P rest well and remember to come see me in my dreams ok? :)

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Baby ah

Mummy habent been talking much to you lately. Very very busy with the 3 notty kids. First we have bobby who is over possesive, nx we have belle who is always teasing the guys and lastly we hv baileys who is having losta marking problems... liew... sound like u r e best hor.

Mummy & Daddy also more or less will settle down in June 2007. We will be jus doing our ROM thus will be a more grand affair. Custom will still as follow but not for any Wedding dinner. I cannot imagine going thru tt much hassels like waiting for tt 400 guests to depart from the ballroom, changing tt many outfits.. doing cheers from tables to tables... geee....

We hve done research on Rasa Sentosa Alfresco, Straits Room at Fullerton and Ritz Carlton. Almost the same price sia... Peony-Jade Restaurant looks cool... i heard the food rating looks good and the elderlys wud deft like it... Looks very Oriental Zen... Chef Chan's Restaurant also not bad... Daddy can wear his shanghai coat which he always want. but doubt i can fit into any cheongsam sia...

But mummy always wanted Fusion Sit DOwn for wedding.. gotta discuss with granny first... though she leave everything to me but wud respect.

Only intend to have 80 guests for the ROM, which will include CLOSED relatives from each side and friends we all know...

Mummy also want a FIAT CONVOY! White or Orange new face lift with 4 pc window and 2 Ang Cai hanging at the bonnet console. wah.. looks cute hor? at least we be the first. hahaha :D

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