Saturday, May 27, 2006

Baby ah,

today we celebrating yr bro, bobby's birthday and rehoming party @ worlds apart at koven... you will be there right? mummy miss u... wonder how hv u been? hv u been eating well? hv u been drinking enuff water?

life seems so imcomplete w/o you.

mummy & daddy want to tell u how much we love and miss u...

you be good boy up there ok?

we will meet u when our time is up.. remember to bring mummy to yr fav place up there...

love love,


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Friday, May 26, 2006


think pple in the dog arena are weird bunch of pple... first we have amanda... now we have selina... wonder what's next? :(

anyway, here's a story of the person we should be wary of :) beware Of this person, selina @ 97480110/96893959

"hi all,

i'm new here and i have another incident to share.

one day, i saw an advert posted "we are the cheapest in singapore - shih tzu 7 month - $380 only". i'm very new to dogs and buying puppy from pet shop is very expensive. since she advertised that she is the cheapest breeder in singapore, i called her to view the dog.

the 1st sight of the dog was ... "oh goodness me" ... it was in such a pathetic look. it looked as if it was never groomed before, so i asked the lady how long she didn't groom and washed him. but she replied that the dog was not washed & groomed for only one week. later i decided to take him because i found him very cute. the girl requested for $380 and after bargaining, the dog was sold to me at the price of $330 with some dog food and a very old leash.

when i asked her why she decided to give up the dog she told me she is moving to another permises.

i immediately brought the shih tzu to a pet shop for grooming (the lady who groom him actually bath him 2 time and she told me that the water was coffee colour) , the pet shop owner also told me that the dog is about 1 year plus instead of 7 months old. as i am very new to dogs, i do not know how to identify the age of the dog.

she told me vaccination and deworm done, but when i sms her and asked if she has the card or cert to proof that the dog had already deworm and completed all vaccination, she have not reply to my sms.

i have not read the post "beware of amanda" at the time i brought home my shih tzu, if i have, i think i will not buy that dog at all.

the description of the lady: small eyes, skinny, clean face, look young and her fashion sense is very sloppy.

special thanks to linda1803 for her patient and kind advise."

hopefully this person stops all her nonsense and stop making quick bucks out of poor souls... boyboy, if u can, make her stop all these :(

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Monday, May 22, 2006


i guess the happy news for today is that bobby is finally and officially part of the family already :) he's been transferred under daddy's ownership :) so next time you can call him, "yo, bro" :)

daddy has been watching a show called the dog whisperer and learnt a few tricks to handle your naughty brother bobby :) today seems to work pretty well. daddy just hope that he'll continue to be a good boy like you, boyboy :)

rest well ok? tomorrow will be a good day, okay? :) love you!

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