Friday, April 28, 2006

Baby ah,

Yr brother bobby went for his full grooming while mummy also went to dye her hair. My highlights were gone and look really bad... though it was highlighted in KL last Nov. Initially i chose dark purple cuz i think i look betta in dark colours rather den blonde.. but guess the stylist made a mistake and dye it red!!! :D
But i think still look nice eh... cuz mummy pretty mah :D

Daddy visited @ teban. very near to the new showroom. 5 mins walk i guess :D
in future, bobby go for grooming, daddy can go showroom lim kopi. haha :D isnt tt nice?

How hv u been? been eating well? slping well? mst drink losta water ok?

Love u lot lot

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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Baby ah,

how was yr day? someone's dog died while grooming again? Oh No... this is the 2nd case this month.. so worried for bobby.. thus i ask daddy to ask wif him at NooAgePet.
This NooAgePet seems cool... they hv holistic treatments like reiki for the dogs... :D I hope tipsy can try and hopefully recover from her stroke. i will ask daddy to ask the groomer how it goes.
BOBBY is SNORING AwAY in yr bed... lolz... i think he mst be tired.. but he has been slping the whole day :D Damn PIGGIE..

We baked something for him today. Oven PORK LIVER. u know mummy hate the stench and i habent been eating liver for the past 10 yrs.. cuz i jus hate it.. gosh! can u imagine i need to wash and slice the liver? omg! a hell of time in the kitchen jus now... but im sure u will like it... :D

Im so excited for the launch this SAT... I canx wait to attend and i heard theres door gift. CAPS, T SHIRTS etc... mummy will take foto n show u ok?

Uncle jack has been staying here for the past few days and i think its a torture. LOL.. he wakes up late, eat late everything also late. bath late too.. and he got the cheek to tell mi 2 days no bath. WAH LAU.. no wonder i so itchy at the leg... kena from lee garden i think.. losta mosquito there. until here itchy there itchy. wah lau eh.

APC will be habing store wide sales this sat and im hoping to get a stroller cum carrier for yr bro, bobby :D

Xiaobai, u know mummy still misses u... and i hope... we will c each other at rainbow bridge when my time is out.. take care of me ok? im afraid of big dogs. :)

Mummy loves u


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Monday, April 24, 2006

boy-boy... u know what? your brother bobby bit through the bag that you used to sleep in? he made a hole on the side of the bag, right through the netting! :P

i was staring hard at him and he was just giving me the guilty face :) he bit rite through it after i brought him to the vet for his diarrhea and back to home :(

anyway, he's doing fine now... his poo is still soggy but i think it's improving :) at least it's not as bad as the previous ones :)

remember to eat well up there ok? and bless your brother down here :) make sure he be a good boy with us or else we won't be able to keep him for long too :)

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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Baby ah,
how was yr weekend?
we had a fufiling weekend.
brought bobby for basic grooming and teeth scaling... he had losta tar in his teeth.. so much betta now.. wish hes like yrs.. so white and shinny... haha
while bobby went for his grooming, we had ours too. we went to kenko at tanglin shopping centre for ear candling.. though its a much more ex as compared to auntie mary, but pretty good... the only thing i hate is the carpark and the route towards kenko...

mummy went to cold storage to get some chicken and carrots, aspragus too... made bobby some boiled chicken and carrots. he did not eat a single of his solid gold this morning... thus made him 4 chicken filet and carrots to go for. wow.. he gobble up in less than 3 mins... haha.. guess hes really hungry.. what pissed me of today is hes pee and poo... he did it in the living room :(

took a pic of bobby sleeping and dreaming of drumstick @ the same time. haha... u check it out k?

Love u always


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