Saturday, April 22, 2006


daddy just bathed your brother bobby with your shampoo... the other few given by the previous owner smells like human shampoo smell and quite stinko :P hope you don't mind daddy use your nice mango-orange shampoo on bobby huh :) he smells like you liao :P daddy knows you hated bathing but it was for your own good :) at least bobby is more brave than you boy-boy :) he enjoys bathing :P

here's a picture i took of bobby after his shower :) got 2 version... see which one you like? :)

more of your brother coming next week :) for now... it's xiaobai's time :)

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Baby ah,
millions of apologies.
Eversince back from perth, mummy has been down with fever and flu.. and worst.. STIFF NECK... guess due to long journey in e car and plane. Thus didnt update yr blog. Hope ya not angwee wif mummy eh.

We adopted a 3 yr old maltese, Bobby. He's also suffering from seperation anxiety, cuz he has been rehome a few times till he lost counts of his owners... We had been offered on e day u passed on... but we were nt mentally prepared... as weeks past... bobby was adopted but was returned back to owner cuz she cudnt cope wif his problem. Well... we had uand we knew how to take gd care of ya and it's jus tt little patience to help ya cope with the new enviroment... thus we decided to shower love for bobby too... hes 1 year yr senior ;)

Im going to STOP CESAR for bobby too.. Hes POO is wet.. not so goot. cuz he overshoot like U... Im going to make him boil chicken and carrots on sunday... tt will be good and healthy for him... Mummy will prepare 1 more set for u too ok?

Ok baby, mummy going to bed.. aching and sick. U take care

Love U


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Friday, April 21, 2006


daddy & mummy spent a night with your new brother bobby... fwah... nearly concussed :P he was searching high and low for his last owner and made so much noise that we couldn't really fall into deep sleep :P haha this morning we just tried fitting him into your oversized jumpsuit and it fits! :P

this little one is really manja... and loves to have alot of attention :) and he drinks alot... infact he's drinking right now as i typed :P

ever since he came here he's been like rubbing his body sidewards onto the carpet floor we had here in the computer room :) hehe he's fighting with that pink piggy of yours right now... and he's getting frustrated abt it :P haha damn cute man :P

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daddy got a good news :) we just brought the poor bobby home :) he's like you boy-boy :) take a look :P almost very close to how you looked like :P

hope bobby can get used to us soon :) and we hope this will be his final destination :)

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Thursday, April 20, 2006


daddy just got the 2nd batch of pictures ready and uploaded for you to see ok? :) enjoy :P

(mummy doing her first shopping in perth @ harbour town shopping centre)

(mummy, hostess, house cat @ hansons swan valley)

(st mary cathedral @ perth central)

(mummy's view of daddy @ beach off the route to margaret river - daddy loved this shot alot)

(some animals we saw along the way - llamas & horses)

(picture of us through the reflective back of the side mirror of our nissan patrol)

(beach side restaurant @ west perth)

(beach @ route off margaret river again)

(fremantle market)

(busker performance inside fremantle market)

(mummy sneaked out of the market for some fresh air)

(mummy looking lost in the market)

(yet another exit/entrance of fremantle market)

(a church outside the market)

(mummy @ kailis seafood cafe)

(seagull @ the cafe)

(here's you on top of an interesting sign)

(an interesting kid who loves to jump off a retired pier)

guess these are the remaining few that are interesting and nice to see... hope you'll love them boyboy...

daddy and mummy are looking at a brother for you... his name is bobby... heard his story quite bad so daddy and mummy are trying to see if things work out between bobby and us... and that we can give him the love that he desperately needs :( wish us luck ok, boyboy? you are still daddy and mummy's best boy ever :)

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Monday, April 17, 2006


daddy and mummy are back from our perth trip liao ;) see what we brought back for you? a whole lot of memories for you to see :)

(our first sunset @ perth)

our first stop... hansons swan valley... the very first thing that caught our eyes is the house cat... really manja like you boy-boy :)

almost thought he was you... cosh he almost followed me wherever i go :) mummy loved the place as much as daddy does :) esp the weather and the house cat :) plus the food :P

(this is the first place we stayed over at perth - hansons swan valley)

this is the best place so far throughout the whole trip :) we loved it so much... the food the place and the air... only one word to describe it... fantastic!!!

(daddy at the balcony of our room on the 2nd day)

(daddy posing with the house hostess and house cat - hey this cat really behaves like you)

(daddy, mummy, hostess, house cat)

see what daddy did? daddy brought a replica of you to perth as well!!! take a look :P

this was taken on our way back to the perth centre... on a rented nissan patrol :) we then stayed over at aarons hotel which sucks big time... lousy room space and insufficient parking space... we had to park at the carpark next to the firestation which is about 10 mins walk... and believe me... 10 mins walk to the carpark on a cold windy day of 12 degrees celsius is really no joke man :)

anyway, the carpark is very near a catholic church... pretty beautiful... and we visited it while we stayed around there :)

we wanted to visit the margaret river, and end up visiting the town instead and couldn't locate the river! and the best part is we end up at the coastal lines... though we missed the river but the seaside views were fantastic too :)

here's you @ the beach we stumbled upon :)

after the beach we went to fremantle market the next morning :) pretty good stuff around there and reasonably priced :) the fruits and veggies are damn fresh! :) you really got to check them out man :)

after that we headed down to the kailis cafe to have a seafood lunch :) pretty fresh too... but daddy knows you hated seafood so daddy never take any pictures of you with the food :) but daddy knows you probably would be interested in seeing other animals in perth :) here's one :P

ok lah... daddy will post more once daddy finish editing them ok? :)

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