Thursday, April 13, 2006

Baby ah,
it's yr first month anniversary since u departed for rainbow bridge.
deep down, mummy and daddy still missing you. i jus canx stop going ard to tell pple how clever u r. so clever tt u even knocked on mummy's dog to go pee pee.

mummy found some cute pics of u while clearing her old files.
a cute curling up pic before going to bed

a how-lian pic of u with yr new sunglass bought from auntie kath

a cute pic of you sleeping near daddy's computer. remember tt ikea mat?

a forever happy dog face

aww.. see how dear and sweet uve been? u look so different when we first picked u up.

Love mummy and daddy ok?

Muack muack

love mummy

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Baby ah,

today is yr 1 month anniversary since u departed to rainbow bridge.
and its also the day we are going to ozzie.

deep inside, we still misses you and very deeply. each time i write your blog, the suction is still there. i hated e fact tt u left.

Daddy has many many plans for u ahead. letting you join classes, making new frds, etc... but u never had tt chance. so u can disappoint daddy and mummy ok? be good up there.

did u wish auntie rgi a happy bday? she loves ya a lot. always patting you... mst help auntie rgi to train tomm ok? though he has shown some improvment :)

mummy and daddy had a hard time doing e-filing for income tax. it always happen once a year. and every year i get frustated. becos of the poor bandwidth i tink over at IRAS. it took me 20 mins jus to key in the singpass... gosh...

i wonder if u pay taxes up there. haha

u be good boy ok?

love mummy

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006


see how bored your mummy is... :P she used a spoon to tie up her hair... bo liao rite? :P anyway, she also tried using pen... i sure she's going to try chopsticks one of these days :) she says it's convenient with the pen cosh next time if customer requests for pen, she can just take it out from her hair... yucks!!!

haha ok lah... good night baby

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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

XiaoBai ah,

very fast we leaving for perth. we brought a mini replica of u and yr dog tag.. so u can roam wif us all over the world till we meet at the other end of the bridge..

bai, did u come back jus now? and laid on my fav cum yr fav. mattress? mum smelt u leh. very strong somemore... ;) n u jus had cesar too right? tt familiar smell.

We've planned the agenda together with uncle nelson.

Day 1.
Arrive airport at 230pm.
Go to Avis counter to collect our 4X4 rented veh.
Go top up petrol if needed
go to supermkt to buy mineral water
hit straight to swan river.
search for our homestay with hansons family
take a break.
visit the wineries if time permits
dinner and zzzz

Day 2.
Visit caversham wildlife park
visit fruits farm
pick nelson uncle up from airpot
visit harbour town for cheap bargains
dinner and wine at kings park
stroll at kings park

Day 3.
early morning to margaret river
visit the fudge factory
cheese factory
wine and gourmet
3.5 hrs drive away from perth city

Day 4.
Visit fremantle market
have our oyster luncheon
arts week
historical walk
buskier week too

Day 5
Back to SINGAPORE at 1 30pm


hope u like what we planned.

love mummy

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daddy doesn't seem to get enough of the poor souls still kept inside the doggie rescue shelter :) once you see them you'll love them alot... some of them are still waiting for a good home to stay with... i wonder who in the right frame of mind would want to abandon them :( sigh...

looking at the size of the shelter i realised that they really need alot of external help esp in monetary wise...

sigh... wish i could help them in some ways too :)

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Monday, April 10, 2006

Baby ah,

What a monday! Mummy loaf almost half a day as i got to attend to 1 customer in the north. Wah... hes company so wu lu... ^_^
They are very nice customers despite mummy's very own mistake. haha.
The whole orfit is fully pack wif vehicles. SEE liao also luan.

I also packed daddy and mummy's clothings into the luggage as i reckon we will be very busy for the nx few days b4 we leave. everything jus in 1 bag pack. and i will use the big billabong bag to carry all the shopping stuffs :D

i was told tt i got comission cut of 300 bucks today. *sigh* i hope the finance side wud compensate my loss. haha.

We saw a adoption thread in SPC today. WOW... look like u sia... except the colours =D
Daddy wans to adopt. its deft not a rebound. but jus wanna shower love to furbaby.

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Sunday, April 09, 2006


see what daddy did? i've created a banner to get pple to know more about the doggie rescue shelter :) so that more pple will support and help those like you :)

let me know if you like it or not okay? :) enjoy!!!

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know what your mummy was talking about the dog rescue shelter? :) here are the pictures of those that i've took yesterday :) seriously i told your mummy... some of them can still see their subtle pedigree genes in them...

looking at them really reminds me of you... i was having a hard time not because of the hot sun and hyper active doggies but the sadness keeps coming back and back again whenever their facial expressions reminded me of you... sigh...

really wish you are still around boy-boy... daddy really miss you alot too...

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