Saturday, April 08, 2006

Baby ah,

mummy went for pedicure & manicure at amara. had a full spa treatment for legs and hands. *shiok*
mummy habent been pampering herself since dunno when. haha.

Daddy spent his whole morning at one of the dog shelter doing some shoots for charity.
saw the pics he took... it reminded me sooo much of u... though uve been wif us for only a while.. but u were somehow part of our life . even till now...

we suggested nt bringing yr ashes to ozzie cuz we dun wan yr bone to be here nor there... so we will jus bring yr dog tag wif us... enjoy every day there ok? :D

baby riane came into the room looking for u... the 2 yr old called up yr name but no response... so he left the room crying... den i carried him to yr altar and told him Xiaobai no more oladi.
say bye bye to xiaobai and flying kiss... he did tt... awww..... so heartpain =(

xiaobai, mummy still missing u lot lot... tears flowing... heart sinking... where r u baby?

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Friday, April 07, 2006


daddy just met a friend who owns a tenterfield terrier, looks like a jack russell terrier, chihwahwa, and something else :) if you don't know what's a tenterfield terrier... look at the picture beside :)

very calm nature like you :) and doesn't really enjoy confrontation with other dogs :) but he definitely don't smell like you... even mummy agrees...

in fact tonite we smelled 2 dogs and they both smelled alike but somehow we just couldn't get the same familiar smell from you... that's funny... both mummy and daddy are wondering what kind of smell you have there... you somehow don't have the dog saliva smell :) which is good but weird :)

i remember mummy once told me that my sweat smelled like you... haha we were wondering if you are not really a dog... more a human liao :P

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Baby ah,

been 3 weeks since u left for rainbow bridge. mummy keep having the idea tt u r catching butterflies, lazing in the green pasture, MUNCHING yr fav cesar, and drinking water by the river ;)
you seems so carefree and innocent. not only yr daddy and mummy is fighting in the real world out there. isnt it scary when the person u jus met happen to meet wif mishap 2 days ltr? wow... tts why i enjoy pampering myself and travelling. i dun wan to be in a nutshell knowing zero abt everything.
its fri again.. we are going to STOP again. meeting uncle ming hui & auntie grace. we will talk to you again ok?
love u baby.

Love mummy

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seems like a difficult week this was... had been busy since monday... in fact have been busy since sunday!

realised time has moved slowly while it seems time has flew by fast... it moved slowly when we slogged our guts out... it flew past us cosh it's almost coming the end of 3rd week since you were gone...

realised that this stressing out seems to work for us... we kept ourselves occupied while thinking of you after work seems to take away the stress and pain :)

life is short as it seems, you'll never know when your turn is going to be to report up there :)

i've also told my friends, life is hard, play harder!!! hope we have our break so that we can move out of this shit hole and have our own sweet home... bless us okay boy-boy :)

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Thursday, April 06, 2006


daddy's been busy and tired lately... :) but only for a better life in future :) daddy's quite excited that daddy cannot contain the excitement and have to tell you here :) the excitement is... your mummy's mummy called me and i picked up the call and we talked for 10 secs after nearly 1 week of silence between us! haha funny right? :)

anyway, just heard a news that the no smoking zones is spreading into coffeshops already... sigh... out of 10 tables only 2 tables are for smokers :( actually it sounds quite dumb... cosh if you really want to stop smoke from spreading ard esp in the areas like kopitiam... garment should also stop selling cars, vans, lorries, motorbikes as they are the ones constituting to the air pollutions these days!

anyway, at least your side shouldn't have such problem... your air there is clean and everywhere is fresh and bright and green, esp under the big blue sky...

eat well ok? saw what daddy placed in your blog? it's a virtual pet that looks like you :) we've adopted it in your name... at least we can feed you virtually :)

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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Baby ah,

Mummy's gd friend, auntie Pat's Daddy jus passed away. So Sudden! :<>Mummy and Daddy will be going to the wake tonite.. thus will be home late. u be good boy ok?

Love Mummy,

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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Baby ah,

Sorrie if mummy didnt update bloggie ok? we hv been pretty bz wif work as theres a new launch of showrooms & offical launch of the new vehs will be on end april. thus we gotta get all teh vehs ready by den... deft sales will go up. we r expecting 70 - 80 vehs... WAH SEY!!!! right now we hv 50 units a month.. consider buay pai liao...

mummy habing mixed feelings for the forth-coming april 13th. its yr 1 month anniversary cum our trip to perth. but again... u will always be living happily deep down our hearts...

mummy still nt on talking terms wif granny. but still gotta face her everyday which im very used to it. ;)

today pretty busy as we went to the showrooms to get some vehs done & re-stationed the veh into place so uncle can jus drive the veh down the ramp ;)
also @ the showroom got monthly gossips updates from sales exc. haha... And ah.. this SQ auntie ah... register soooo many vehs in 1 day.. really tie the whole team down.. but again..we r professional.. np wan lah!!!

daddy added some new doggies blog link to yr site.. read them while u r free... and stop lazing ard... getting fat liao...

nite baby

love, mummy

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don't know why daddy's been dreaming of you at the rainbow bridge... do you have something to tell me? :) at least you did not change a bit :) still as slim as ever and still as active as ever whenever you see me :)

forgot to ask you whether you have been eating and sleeping well :) got laosai or not ;P remember to eat your favourite grass when you do ok? :)

daddy's been busy lately so if you don't see me here... we meet in my dreams ok? :)

take care huh boy-boy... don't go bully other furkids down here huh :)

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Monday, April 03, 2006

Baby ah,

dunno whats wrg with everyone in the office.. seems like everyone so pea brain here. wah lau eh. felt tt im working wif a bunch of incompetent arseholes... fuck man! *lolz*

im going to buy toto ltr.. if win ho sey liao... if no win.. try try try.. fark man... singapore pools swallow so much of my weekly investment.. still no return.. its abt time man!

Baby ah, u know mummy also love staying in those b/w hses in rochester or seletar hills.. but going there is always a problem.. cuz if no tpt can die man.. lolz.. ;)

pls help me win toto bigbig.. den i can move out of this sickening place ...

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Sunday, April 02, 2006


daddy just did a test on daddy's true colours :P and here's daddy's results! :P

Take this test at Tickle

Your true color is Yellow!

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boy-boy ah...

so long no post liao i think :P felt long :) cosh daddy ran into some problem with your mummy's mummy... in fact the whole family is having problem with her :( sigh... anyway don't talk about her liao...

we did some meaningful stuff on saturday :) we went to the west coast dog run and took some nice nice pictures for you to see... don't get jealous ok? your picture is still the all time daddy's favourite ok? :)

see that one up there? this cute little black pup was all the while posing for me after he found out that i was snapping his pictures :) a few others also :)

a couple of others too but daddy didn't have time to snap all of them as daddy and mummy was late and by the time we arrive the pups were all tired out liao... cosh they were busy playing around while other photographers were snapping them :)

daddy and mummy went to stay a night out just to let off some steam... hope you didn't miss us too much ok? :) daddy and mummy are looking for a new place to stay so that we can house adopted dogs properly :) and perhaps be fosterers of poor puppies like you, boy-boy :) bless us with luck in finding one ok?

it's late already... go to bed boy-boy... love you! :)

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Baby ah,

Not a good weekend. though mummy jus closed a deal.

Mummy had some arguments wif granny because mummy felt un-justice.

Mummy also thot of moving out with auntie cheryl and riane... the whole hse is driving me crazy... it make me sick!

the thot of it jus make mi sick... gosh.. what has this world becum?

went to West coast dog run last sat.. wow.. so many cute dogs eh... a lot of golden retrivers and a mongrol even growled at mummy... jelly legs ;)
How i wish u were around baby.

daddy moved some of his stuffs from mummy's hse to put in studio... baby riane came down to kpo so daddy played wif him.. god damn! he left his main key inside... and he also activated the auto-lock function. haha...

Holy shit right?

so we tried all ways to get the door open but unavail. we decided to trash our rear w/s jus to get the central locking unlock. it might sound dumb.. but we hv no choice baby. the spare key is inside the bypass box :(
we had a hard time clearning the cabin area.. as there are losta shattered glass near the woofer. mst be gentle too. daddy n mummy had a few cuts too *ouch*

baby ah... pray hard mummy will find a hse soon.

Love U baby

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