Saturday, April 01, 2006


daddy spotted a parking dummy :) daddy was inspired by a website called parking idiots :P so it will be daddy's first contribution for parking dummies :)

so here's daddy's forum friend, "miss" wai (someone called him that, but don't know who)

look at his left side :) see how inconsiderate he parked the van? :P remember your daddy's van? it's on the left side :)

missed the van? :)

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Baby ah,

wah!! TGIF wor... Mummy had a tired morning cuz woke up 5am for the tomb sweeping for ah gong.. reached office abt 920am, but b4 tt.. we headed to the canteen near the beach for kopi.. mummy almost fell asleep while having teh... den my fone rang.. wah sey.. prospective customer early in the morning.. den that is where she began to work... hahaha

Not too bad a day. Had lunch with uncle nelson and daddy. We had vegeterain mee goreng. sounds funnie? but beri nice to eat wor... den went to the bank... queue wasnt tt bad... pretty fast.. queued for 15 mins only. ;)

Mummy and daddy also accomplished many stuffs by 12 midnite.
1. Met And pass auntie grace the cesar cushion and dining set
2. Met Who88 for lava lamps
3. Collected lava lamps on behalf of uncle ming as hes doing collie tonite. haha
4. Collected new AA sized batteries from Uncle Jimmy. Had a short chat wif him too

Baby ah. do u know Both mummy & daddy is very proud of You? Cuz u no need to be leash and you are very active in the commands too.

Gd nite love,

Love Mummy

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Friday, March 31, 2006

boy-boy ah...

daddy just went to dig up some old photos daddy took over the years... found this collection which i've done for auntie trish's daisy :) cute poodle but abit fierce :) haha... check it out at but daddy will attach one of them here for u to ogre :P hahah dun be notti to go and disturb daisy in the nite ok? :)

be a good boy huh :)

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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Baby ah,

How have you been? Mum had a boring day @ work which leads her to eat snake @ bt panjang and off work at 430pm. haha!!!

Took a nap till 630pm den drove to a customer's place at woodlands to pass him the spare key. they seems quite happy wif the new fiat.

Proceed to Courts to buy laptop but realise... it cost TOO much so i didnt buy. HENG AH... Granny says she be paying 1/2 for me... ;) kekeke... den i should consid a tablet liao ;)

hmmmm..... Auntie PHY using a Fujitsu tablet but she says always got problem.. auto shutdown.. tts why she always cum in n out of the msn. HEHEH... Mummy saw the new acer tablet. C200 travel mate... wud be good to show clients too... aww... got it search ard for it.

We had dinner @ jurong pt foodcourt. Daddy as usual had his fav chicken lice stall and mummy tried something new. hot plate beef.. wah.. not bad leh. the beef quite tender ;)

nothing much today sia... mummy also mst wake up earlie tml... tombsweeping for ah gong at 6am. wah.. as usual we will go for prata at upper pierce.. yummy..

so good nite ok?

love u baby

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life is really like a box of chocolates... it's delicacies for some yet it's poison to you...

just like mummy mentioned... life is so fragile... some fur babies can just happily running around one day and collapse in another day... just like what happened to you boy-boy...

but i'm sure you left for a good cause... can always imagine and dream of you running freely under the blue sky with wings behind your back and you would soar the skies meeting new friends :)

really miss your panting and whining :) take care up there and keep out of the sun... dun get sun burn ok? :)

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Baby ah,

Prince14414's doggie died today during grooming. Sad eh... Remember to fetch him @ the rainbow bridge ok? Bring him ard and share cesar wif him k? dun be a big bully huh... ;)

Sometimes life is jus so fragile. So scary... esp those who leave w/o a reason leaving love ones behind... jus like you. u leave us suddenly... but im sure u had leave for e betta... u gotta assure us ok? dun make mummy worried abt ya.

Mummy & Daddy together wif the whole family went to GWC to have our fav. KENNY ROGERS. and again. everyone snatching the qtr duct. Granny cracked a joke.. eh. how cum u always order Qtr duck @ the counter? thot its chicken? LOL.. Missed my cheesy mar & sour cream vege.. yummy.. had a lot.. almost full bowl...

We didnt visit the pet shop there. cuz it only reminded us of u... we used to buy losta treats from there and yr fav mevvick turkey. But u always hv tummyache after tt.. prolly its too watery.

Mummy be meeting Uncle Ming this fri to co-ordinate his ROM in JUNE. Mummy hv losta ideas for him and auntie Yen. And will be showing them some projects mummy did over the past few years ;) Frds mah. shd help hor? ;)

K lah. Mummy going to bed liao..

Daddy oladi snoring away...

Nite Baby

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Wednesday, March 29, 2006


dunno why daddy got up to a lethagic start... plus an aching neck and a splitting headache... ouch

even after a nap it still won't go away... must the dream i had playing with you...

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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Baby ah...

Mummy had a terrible dinner with Daddy @ Hong Kong Cafe here in Singapore.
Dunno leh. jus felt no standard though a lot of pple... nearly full house for a tues.

Daddy had Wantan noodles with wantan tasted like sotong balls from old chang kee and mummy had shanghai porkchop rice which tasted moderately ok nia. The best is their mango friz and stocking milk tea which tasted like ice milk tea with 5 packs of milk from mos burger. Dun think we will be visiting them again... Somehow other pple rate 5 stars for it wor...

Remembered i went to Macau cafe @ Expo. They took 30 mins to serve me a plate of COLD EGG TART and 45 Mins for a cup of stocking milk tea. Very disappointed as it wasnt even peak hour. Granny says maybe they flew back to Macau to make me the tea. *lolz*

The most scuccesful eateries ive seen n tasted is SHI LIN. Their XXL cripsy chicken is really nice. and mummy had similar during my trip in taiwan. Would love to go back again ;)

Talking abt food. Mummy remembered you finished the boiled brocolli & minced Chicken very fast. Less than 20 secs. and yr cesar. you took less than 2 mins. Thats very fast and greedy.. Even yr burp smell like cesar. ;)

Baby you take good care ok?

Love Mummy & Daddy.

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Ah Boy,

What hv u been doing a lazy Tues? Catching Butterflies? Teasing Gals? Or digging again?

Mummy still misses you lot lot....

Daddy & Mummy hv been to various pet shops ard Singapore. Mummy also wanna shower loves for babies like you... Dun get jealous ok?

attached a cute pic of daddy from his bed.

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daddy had a revelation :) haha like damn big deal like that :)

daddy felt that pple always takes things for granted until the very last minute when they lose them :) daddy feels that pple should treasure every little thing like it's their last day with them :) do you know that daddy had this strange hunch when daddy got you? the hunch was that daddy would lose you very soon...

daddy had this hunch and it haunted me almost everyday till you actually made my day and made me forgot about it... mummy also knew about it and she also forgot about it after you became our gem :)

sigh... daddy was trying to live each day with you as if it was my last with you... initially daddy thought daddy was the one who's saying goodbye to the world...

never did daddy thought it would be you who's living the world... if only daddy has the power to communicate with you in time, we failed to realise a few signs you showed to us...

we did suspected something weird a few days before you depart the world... you were hiding under mummy's bed instead of sleeping in your favourite bed or even beside daddy... you looked as if you were hiding from something... we should have knew you were hiding from death itself... daddy knew you were very special and you have some natural powers to detect or see things we humans couldn't...

sigh... anyway, it's an experience of my lifetime and daddy is sure if in the future you have brothers or sisters in the house, daddy would know what to look out for...

because of you, daddy always ask those uncles and aunties who have furkids at home this question: "have you hugged your furkids lately?"

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Monday, March 27, 2006

Ah Boy ah.

U done wif yr pedicure? *hehehe* mummie picturing you doing spa and everything over the weekend... be good ok? dun be ham sup!!!

Daddy bought a policy from Auntie Phyllis. I guess he needed 1... thus we approached Auntie Phy to recomend a policy... I hope they do cum out 1 for furkids.. haha...

We had Seafood platter for 2 at Fish n Co. As usual... the prawns dun taste good.. hope they will improve to get rid of the soil and smell... lemon dun seems much help.

Me went for a hair cut... and to really trim it... My hair too long and seems to be balding... thus i guess its time for a new hair cut...

At last we managed to collect back our car... Ah Seng did a whole new insulted planks for the woofers behind and even got the amp consealed with the plank.. at least its much safer.. but mummy was so excited and even forgot to ask them to add on the capaciter given by Uncle William (3legs)... Overall is nice.. and even added the solar film and got our auto start page guard working... Even installed the under car light... wah.. sibei swee man..

Guess what we had for dinner yesterday?
Mussels Mornay & Chinese Esacargot With Garlic and butter. Mummy first trial... and turn out good... too bad u never like seafood. hehehe...

Love u Baby..


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daddy had a good rest at m hotel over the weekends :) did a sea salt scrub... nearly peeled my skin off ;P followed by a full body massage... really feels good :) esp after a long tiring day :)

it kind of reminds me doing the body rub for you every night before you go to sleep... i kind of missing it :(

daddy's been seeing alot of puppies for sale over the weekends and today as well :) they are so loveable and huggable (although we are not allowed to do so over at the pet shops) nearly all of them remind me of you :) and daddy and mummy were constantly boasting about you whenever the shop owners asked about our doggie history :)

i could see mummy glow with pride when she describes how you got paper trained within 2 days and how you knocked on the door to go to the toilet :)

boy-boy... have you been a good angel? i really miss you... and your presence next to me on the bed when we go to sleep together... i can still "see" you circling the spot before you sit down and go to sleep :) you always love to do that which i couldn't make out why you did that ;)

oh ya... over the weekend we got the redemption done and the cushions and the dining sets really look cool... a pity you couldn't use them but we will place a set on your table ok? do come by and take a look at them :) i'm sure you'll love them too :)

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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Dear Baby,

Did you gate crash auntie gi's party at lilydale? heard that there are losta furkids and she was bz wiping pee and picking poos... sounds like you when you first came to our hse... u didnt pee n poo on the first day. but nx morning u actually pee beside my bed?!?!?!?! ArGgg... But you were sooo clever.. you got it right the 2nd day... and even knocked on my door to go toilet sia... So clever *muack muack*

After you left for rainbow bridge, we had a hard time coping without you and very bz wif work too... Finally... we decided to give ourselves a break b4 we go crazy... Daddy booked a room at MHotel and had spa @ HAACH. It was a great experience as we can have free drinks (including wines and cocktails) and snacks @ their M Lounge.

Massage @ HAACH was quite good and relaxing... They even asked mummy to change into their Paper G String. Wah.. Got mi size sia.. Mummy also decided to buy more for the Australia trip nx month... Canx wait to bring you there too...

Be good boy ok?

Daddy & Mummy loves you.. Everyone loves you..


Wif Love From Mummy

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