Saturday, March 25, 2006

dear boy-boy...

see auntie gi coming to your blog to give you a pat everyday? :) auntie gi loves you alot even though she has never seen you before :) i'm sure you love that don't you? :) remember to visit auntie gi's blog ok? :) she seems to be having some trouble with her new baby :( perhaps you might want to talk to that little fella and teach him some toilet manners :P but don't teach him how to laze like you huh... *give up*

lol... boy boy ah... daddy got you a glitter lamp to be placed next to your urn... don't know if you like it or not... once i've set up i'll take a picture for you ok? :)

daddy missed your presence whenever daddy goes to sleep... and daddy also missed waking up in the middle of the night to see if daddy got "squash" you or not :P and also missed you popping your head up to see if i'm still there... :) so sweet to have someone guarding over me like tat :)

when will i find another boy-boy like you, boy-boy :( sigh... only time will tell :)

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Friday, March 24, 2006

dear boy-boy...

daddy has to wake up early to prepare the vans today... last 2 days to chiong! gambatte!!! :P

really tired this week... alot of vans to go :( oh ya... daddy received a few calls to ask for quotations for photography... hope i can get them :)

been aching all over... but that doesn't mean that daddy will forget about you ok? :) your presence is almost everywhere in this place :)

daddy has been seeing other woof-woofs being abandoned by their owners due to sicknesses and some are on the verge of being put to sleep... sigh... how can they do this? it reminds me of you... we wonder if you were abandoned because your previous owner knew something we don't :( sigh... if only we knew... then you would be still here by my side :(

oh ya... you love the slight modification to your blog boyboy? :) hope you like it :)

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Dear XiaoBai,

Been a good boy today?

Uncle Ming Hui told mummy he cried while reading yr blog. U still remember uncle ming who always visit mum's workshop and always add new gagets in his fiat. Remember once he even trapped you inside his cabin area.. you looked so frantic. haha.. OOooh.. Your urn came out almost first price yesterday. We bought 10 BIG, 20 SMALL.. if bingo, we would have won 100K. WOW... Mummy even wans to donate 10K to various DOG Shelters. So u betta bring mummy luck ok?

Mummy almost close a deal today. But due to some miss-comm... she has to give this deal to Auntie Josline. Though a bit pissed but what can mummy do right ?

Mummy and Daddy had curry chicken for dinner again... aWww.. Love it so much eh.

What did you had today? Cesar again? haha

Love You always.

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Thursday, March 23, 2006


i'm feeling abit dilemma right now... :P got another video which i thought could also be your last video :P see lah... this daddy of yours damn blur cock hor? :P

anyway, here is the video :)

have fun ok? but don't have too much fun :P

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Hello Baby,

Daddy went to pick up yr URN today... Now felt so much closer to you ;)

Auntie Xris sent a copy of your fotos at her Cantoment Chalet. Wow... u look notti and lazy... And why were you smelling Nike Kor Kor's Arse? *lolz*

Mummy has been pretty busy... But she is also enjoying her job... Though there are a lot of agruments everyday with colleagues and salesman but i get losta satisfaction ;)

Dun be notti up there huh..

Love u always

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remember your good friend, nike, at auntie xris' home? here's a cute picture of you lazing in his territory :P look how he's staring at you :P

u must have really been a bully... he's almost like giving up on you lying around doing nothing right? :P

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finally brought your urn home liao :) so small :P see if you can spot it inside this picture :)

at least daddy knows you are safely home already... ok lah... daddy got a long day to go... got to wash 3 more vans liao :P

talk to you later ok? :)

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006


daddy and mummy busy with work today... didn't have time to go down to mt pleasant animal hospital to pick up your ash and urn :( so sorry...

daddy promise you... daddy will definitely pick it up tomorrow once i cleared all the vans :)

how are you today? mummy's mummy cooked curry chicken for us today... all of them found it hot and spicy but daddy felt that it can be hotter :P

now daddy body stinks and badly needs a bath :P hahah just heard your mummy sneezed :P so funny :P

today nothing much except feeling abit stone due to the sleepless night we had last night :) hope we can sleep well tonight... see you tomorrow :P

oh ya... daddy added a few petpals for you in case during your spare time you might want to visit them and see who are your friends that daddy made for you :)

almost forgot... this two stuff came in this week :) was intending to put one each on your every collar... but we told the person to turn it into keychains for us :)

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boy-boy ah...

rise and shine lazy bones ;)

funny how it came from pain & sorry to fear and doubts :) initially the pain from the grieve of the loss of you was so great that we missed you alot...

yesterday when we came to accept the fact already, fears start to build in our hearts... at least for your mummy... strange mixture of feelings... longing to see you again and yet afraid to see you... we couldn't really sleep last night... alot of sounds and noises through the night... dogs barking and fighting out on the streets... short bell ringings... soft door knocks... etc etc...

anyway, daddy still thinks you are in safe hands already... be well ok? if you really return, do give us a friendly smile like you used to :)

don't laze liao... wakey wakey :)

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XiaoBai My Baby,

Today is yr 7th DAY.

WE have set up a very cosy Altar for you. Beside Yr altar is yr Fav. BED, Clothes, Beef Jerky and Everything. Of cos a bowl of Cesar. Yr FAV eh... Mummy still remember you will always wag yr cute tail for more...

Please leave mummy and daddy some tell tale sign that you hve been back ok?

Cesar also called up mummy this noon to inform me abt the redemption. Will be collecting with auntie grace this sunday.

Love u baby.

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Monday, March 20, 2006

Hi Baby,

You look as sweet as ever.

Mummy and Daddy will be bringing you home tml... Nono... Bringing yr ashes back.. cuz uve never leave us before...

We passed by a pet shop in pasir panjang. They have 3 cute babies inside: a JRT, Husky & a So-called not mongrol looked a like... I think if you were there... The whole shop will be in a big chaos... ;) Max looks very very sweet...

Baby ah. Mummy is very tired... I talk to you tml ok?


Love Mummy

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daddy sent you on your last journey on earth... daddy wanted to tell alot of things to you but no words came out of my mouth... as daddy knew no words could describe how we felt for each other... the soul mates in both of us... the link between us... the bind that keeps us together... in sickness and in health... although i couldn't interpret your dreams that you shared with me... daddy is sure that one fine day daddy would be able to know from you :)

today at the cremation centre... daddy did a naughty thing... daddy cut a bit of your fur at the tail side as that's the most furry part of you that i could get a bit from you and won't make you look ugly up there :) i kept it inside a cute little bottle as a momento from you, my dear boy-boy :)

you look the same as before... the beautiful smile you always give me... even though you always show the sad puppy face in front of the camera...

oh yes, daddy and mummy went to print your pictures really big! a2 size! lol! we love them so much... i'm waiting for mummy to position it nicely for you to see it tonight when you come back :)

do let us know that you are back ok? daddy and mummy missed you so much... but we won't want to keep you here... we would love to know that you are at peace over the rainbow bridge ok? remember the daddy who always play tag with you running in the hall way around the tables and sofas :) don't forget this game when we meet ok? i would love to continue this forever with you :)

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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Boy Boy,

How are you over the weekend?

Daddy and mummy went over to Jurong pt and got a container to store yr poo poo... yr poo really got yr smell sia... Missing it oladi...

We will be heading down to Mt Pleasant tml to send you thru yr last journey.

We will c u there baby.


Love Mummy

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never knew time can really fly that fast! so fast coming to monday already... the day mummy and daddy have to send you on your final journey in life... but we all knew you've already reached your destination...

we've cleared a table in preparation for your return... it will be your usual corner where you pee/poo/eat/drink/etc :P i've found a very nice bottle with cork to store your poos :) mummy got you a set of nice candles on the table... once everything is settled already we'll take a picture for you to see ok? :)

daddy is thinking of adopting abandoned puppies to get them off the streets like you do... what do you think? daddy is hoping to have someone like you, boy-boy, so smart and loving... like a real kid to us...

anyway, we've returned the kitty back to his mummy liao... this mummy is really careless and good in production man :) this is already the 2nd batch i knew that came from the same mother... cannot miss one... this mother has the most perfect tabby body i've ever seen on the streets :)

anyway, i'm going to have a nice sleep after washing 6 vans today and shopping for your stuffs :) tomorrow i've a long day to go... good night boy-boy... sweet dreams :)

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dear boy-boy,

did you come and visit mummy and daddy last night? i could have sworn that this piece of fur wasn't there since the day you were gone... it was lying next to your usual sleeping carrier which we carry around...

last night, daddy kept hearing your bell ringing around me when i'm about to fall asleep... i also thought i heard you knocking at our door... only twice... i was hoping you would knock more so that i could be sure and i could open the door for you...

daddy is going to look for a good-looking container to keep your poo :) it's a last souvenir from you before you left... at least i should keep it in a safe place so that i can bring it with me when i'm gone too :)

love you boy-boy... don't laze in your bed already okay? :) rise and shine :)

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XiaoBai Baby,

Have you seen the angelic pic Uncle Jason Edited?
Wow... So nice... Mummy can picture you running happily @ rainbow bridge.

Uncle Jason is also a renowned Fotographer in Singapore. He Specialise in Food Photography, Nude Photography and Fashion Photography... Wow....

Mummy had a shag day @ the Bridal Studio, because her gd friend, Auntie Patricia and Uncle Bernard getting married very soon in NOV.

Auntie Patricia is a very good friend of mummy since Secondary school days. And mummy will be her co-ordinator and daddy will be her official photographer for her actual day wedding.

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