Saturday, March 18, 2006


daddy got a good friend, uncle jason, who is super solid in his photoshop skills... he helped you add angel wings on your picture to make you look complete and exceptional over the rainbow bridge :)

i always knew your uncle jason is a genius in his skills :) he really made you look good... it even makes me feel that you are happy up there over the rainbow... it's as if your shot was fated to be taken for this purpose...

thanks jason for this beautiful picture... i can only post it here and everywhere else to thank you...

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dear boy-boy,

how are you up there with your kakis? :) don't play too hard huh must rest and drink water huh... u always don't like to drink water one... must force you then you'll drink :)

daddy just rescued a tabby kitten :) poor thing... must have gotten lost with its mummy... he just ate the addiction (unagi and seaweed flavour) which you hated alot... :)

boy-boy... daddy also found the last video clip of you... loved your whining and yawn-whining... sibey cute ah!

daddy will always remember my beloved whining boy-boy who once walk around with me without any use of leash... i'm so proud of that :)

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Friday, March 17, 2006

dear boy-boy,

daddy got his salary today... but it felt different now... used to feel excited cos can go out shopping to buy clothes, toys or even yummies for you... but now it's just not the same anymore :)

but still everything we do we added a portion of you into it :) mummy purposely set aside a tiny little plate of jack's place yummy just for you... even when the waiter was about to clear the table, mummy told him to clear everything except that plate :) including the cutleries! :P think it must have freaked out the waiter cos i swear i saw the look on his face... so puzzled ;)

anyway, it wasn't easy looking for the urn like your mummy said... great world city looks big but to look for something nice for an urn for you was really a tough job...

daddy had a tiring day washing vans, trying to keep myself occupied, but it doesn't stop daddy from thinking about you, boy-boy... really love you... hope you are fine up there :)

oh yes, we'll be shopping for your urn tomorrow before going to visit your grandmother... wish us luck ok :) love you!!!

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How are you, my love?

TGIF? Nah... Mummy had a bad day @ work... Becos of the bitchy bitch again.
She's always abusing her authority. Anyway, mummy is pretty used to it oladi.

Mummy went shopping wif daddy looking for a URN for you. But we cudnt find... It seems so tough.

I hoped you enjoyed the dinner @ Jack's Place too. The waiter mst be shock abt the small plate i left for you. But i know u r always by our side....

Mummy wud be picking up air tickets tml... and we will be bring partial of yr ashes to perth. We hope you will be able to roam the world wif us. I will bury you at one of the farm with green pasture & big blue sky.

Baby, remember to take good care of yourself ok?

Mummy loves you!

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dear boyboy,

daddy just posted in the few forums to inform them of your departure on monday @ mt pleasant animal hospital... daddy is hoping that more pple will show you encouragement on your way up there over the rainbow bridge

mummy just told me that she could almost swear she smell the smell of your sweat early this morning :)

sometimes i do hear your bells too although you weren't wearing them for some time already... then i realised it wasn't ur bells but it was actually the collar hook knocking against each other... it was so comforting everytime i heard it through the videos i've taken of you... so soothing... so very you...

we loved the smell of you so much we didn't even clear away your poos :P we are looking for a nice container to keep them as a last souvenir you have given to us...

we love you so much boyboy... rest in peace ok? you deserved it... don't forget us over the rainbow bridge ok? :)

ps: tat was a picture you took with auntie grace while we were having our STOP at selegie kopitiam :) remember?

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Thursday, March 16, 2006

dear boy-boy...

i really miss you bad... i'm sorry to put you through the misery of leaving us...

i tried my best to help you... but i just get your heartbeat and your breathing back... i drove as fast as i possibly could, not caring whether i've exceeded the speed limit or not... when i reached the clinic, the vet said you were gone... it was then i really broke down...

i've cried my guts out, so hard that i had a splitting heachache the day you left us... your mummy too... we both tried to consoled each other but we ended crying in our own seperate corners...

wish you were here with us now... we miss your cute little face and your forever alert stare whenever we move around in the house...

but all these are a thing of the past... we just wish we could pray for your happiness over the rainbow bridge...

daddy has created a mini tribute for you, boy-boy... hope you love it... it's at daddy's blog... many pple has left their best wishes for you in the guestbook... i'll be printing it out and put beside you on the day of your cremation on monday ok?

be a good boy... don't miss us like we miss you... just have fun up there... i hope to see you on the other side of the rainbow bridge when it's my turn to report in the heavens...

i know i would be seeing the same old you under the big blue sky... i love you, boy-boy... take care and sweet dreams

ps: boy-boy... daddy found some pictures of you which me and mummy overlooked after we took for you... i'll upload them slowly for you to see ok? :)

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Dearest Xiao Bai,

How have you been? It's been 3 days since you left papa & mama to rainbow bridge.
I'm sure you are having a lot of fun there. Papa & Mama is trying to cope and getting used to not having you by our side. But you will still be living in our heart.

Are you drinking and eating well? Don't just eat cesar ok? There are more than cesar. Please drink losta water or else your poo poo will be chow chow.

Are you going to own DOGGIE STOP tml? Please go, as you meet many friends. They are just like you. Mummy dont want you to be lonely there. Mummy hopes you mingle with more friends and other animals...

Mummy had a bad day at work, because the bitchy bitch jus canx stop interfering my work. But again... mummy never give a damn.

Oh Ya, we met a small cute lil kitten. we named her Xiao Jin. She golden in colour. Or rather we dun even know her gender as still canx see. Haha... Xiao jin looks like you. Tail long long, legs long long. and she eats like you too... Haha...

We finished work pretty late too.. cuz was having some chats wif uncle david. he very lor sor... but again... hes a nice salesman... he used to have a dog too.. but he left him when he was 13 yrs old. Maybe you can look for him. Because Uncle david and mummy are very gd friends. Maybe you be good friends wif him too... Hehe...

again xiaobai, mummy and daddy miss you. you will always be our only xiaobai.


rest well

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