Monday, January 18, 2010

Xiaobai was not bought from the pet shop, neither was he a gift. He was rescued by us on the street during the 2nd day of Chinese in year in 2006. He was filthy, unkept and under nourished. We took him to the vet and had him groomed. Both hubby and me were first time owner and we were both equally excited on the arrival of Xiaobai who became part of our family.

He didn’t like kibbles and I started exploring into canine home cooked food and he did gain more than 400 grams when we first found him.
Xiaobai had very bad separation anxiety and couldn’t be left alone. We took him out wherever we go including movies and restaurants.

Came one faithful day, we found him breathless and motionless. We tried to massage his heart and head towards The Animal Clinic. Dr Nathan shared our grieves and we had him cremate privately.

Today is his 4th year death anniversary and we still miss him.

with love, Mummy & Daddy :)

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Boyboy it's been really quite a long while since I last spoke to u. Not that daddy forgotten abt u, just that daddy needs to work hard to give ur mummy and brothers and sisters a better life that I didn't managed to give u. Just wished that u could still be with us and life would be a lot more complete and different.

Wished I knew that fateful day would be the last I hear u sing to me. I've been blaming myself since. Don't go tell ur mummy ok? Good boy. Ok lah daddy going to do housework liao. Be good boy ok? And watch over ur bros and sis. Byebye!

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Xiaobai, did you see rainrain over at the rainbow bridge? She passed on yesterday at TJV. rain mummy and daddy is still trying to get over the demise of rainrain.
We have never met this sweet little gal, but she will remains as the bubbly rainrain in our heart. Don't ever try to Chee Hong this sweet baby ar? ;)
How have you been? Mummy and daddy is soooo busy with the new hse, trip to Oz and work.
It's going to be 2 years soon since u left us. But you have never been forgotten. Esp rainrain's demise, has curb losta memory of you.
Love Mummy

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Friday, November 16, 2007

Hi Boyboy,

I think this song is also suited for me missing you at this moment :) Hope you like this from your beloved Daddy :)

Kit Teung Krab, XiaoBai :)

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Friday, October 19, 2007

Baby ah,
u know why does kee teng means? it means missing you in thai. daddy and me jus graduated from basic thai. it was fun.
your youngest bro - bourbon the notti poodle going for he's ot test this coming sunday. daddy has put in losta effort in training him. bourbon is 1 smart boy just like you. follow daddy so closely.
theres losta things mummy wanna tell you, but we meet in dreams and we shall talk through the night ok?
bless every1.

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Hello boy-boy :) seems like ages since we last talked over here ;) yesterday daddy and mummy went to our usual smoking corner to relive the days we had when you were around roaming freely in the grass patches and enjoying the sunshine :)

i could swore that i felt your presence when i was walking through that area :) remember that picture i took of you which everyone loved it so much that some friends of mine actually asked to have it sent to them or printed for them :)

missed those days when u could just stay by my side all the time even in a busy crowded place like a pet carnival without leash :)

how are you boy-boy... things have been ok for me and mummy, so you just have fun up there ok? :) see u in a couple of decades time :) should be quite fast for u :P

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Friday, May 11, 2007

Someone commented whether we have forgotten our beloved boy-boy. There are times we wonder if they know what's it like to lose a companion, a great kid, a soulmate in life :)

Not to say if 2 months was a long time to have that kind of bond but it is the feeling that makes us called ourselves, FAMILY.

We've just added a new member to the family. His name is Bourbon. Looking at him reminds me of you, boy-boy :) I'm sure you would agree too :) He has the same kind of whining like you, he craves attention like you do, he follows by my footsteps like you, and he demonstrates the same kind of affection whenever i carry him, again like you do :)

Sometimes I wonder if he is you :) but I'm sure you are having a great time over the rainbow, watching over us :) But seriously, I wish you can come over and tell this brother of yours to behave, cosh he is really beginning to get on my nerves, especially the way he reacted and whines like a monkey :) And btw, his nickname is "Monkey" and his chinese name is "Ben4 Ben4" (Dumb-dumb) cosh the way he's behaving and this chinese name sounds like his English name, Bourbon :P

Ok lah, enough talking about him liao. How are you lately? You haven't been appearing in my dreams lately and I'm beginning to wonder if you've been busy with new friends up there :)

There've been a few happy endings and few sad endings here on Earth and I do hope you can guide them while you are up there :) Give them all the comfort they need to adapt ok? :)

Daddy and Mummy missed you very much :) We even have your music as our ringtones :P

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